Fish Meal Prices At All Time Highs

Over the past few months world wide fish meal prices have reached record highs in response to early closures of the Peruvian and Chilean quota season.

This has seen fish feed prices also increase in response to the lower catches as well as fish oil prices also trending upwards world wide.
Because all of our supply comes from these two countries, we have had to increase our fish feed prices accordingly. The only saving grace at this point is our strong dollar against the greenback which has some what cushioned the prices from exceeding viability.

Paradoxically there has been a drop in Australian chicken meal and chicken oil prices due to an export ban on Australian chicken meal due to an avian influenza outbreak in some Australian states. This has caused a glut in the market place as meal producers are trying to off load hundreds of tons of chicken feather and poultry offal meal on the Australian market normally destined for the Asian market.

We are endeavouring to reduce the reliance of fish meal in our diets but are reluctant to move too quickly to replace essential nutrients and amino acids that are readily available in fish meal. Some species are not as compatible to fish meal replacement than others and we see a risk in doing so without further comprehensive studies on individual species.
We will keep the market updated on any major fish meal price fluctuations.

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