In November 2016, Cargill Aqua Nutrition broke ground on what will become our largest shrimp feed plant when it is operational in 2018. Situated near Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, the plant will bring an annual capacity of 160,000 tonnes of feed to this important shrimp production market. Joining us in the project is Naturisa, Ecuador’s second largest shrimp producer, which has also entered a 10-year agreement for the supply of 300,000 tonnes of shrimp feed. The new plant will leverage expertise from EWOS to replace traditional pelletizing with extrusion technology, making more efficient feeds. 

Big Nutrition is currently bringing in the newly formulated Black Tiger extruded prawn feed from Cargill South Korea. The Kunsan Aqua plant has been producing extruded prawn feed for nearly a decade and is now available to order through Big Nutrition.

Improving sustainability through technology transfer in feeds.



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