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CARGILL – PURINA Fin fish FRY diet

For more than 25 years, aquaculture feed manufacturers and producers have turned to Cargill for unrivalled aquaculture nutrition and management solutions. By combining research and development in animal science, analytical processes, laboratory work and mathematical models, Cargill is able to develop innovative approaches and solutions to improve animal health and growth, create better products, and increase business efficiencies.

  • 0.1mm, 0.4mm MAX-CR Extruded crumble
  • 0,8mm MAX-EP Extruded pellet
  • 1.0mm GOLD-F-ST Extruded pellet

Protein 50-54%, Lipid 6-12%, Moisture 8%, Vitamin 13%, Ash 15%, Calcium 2%, Fibre 2.5%\



Cargill is committed to sustainable aquaculture through better use of ingredient resources, developing nutritious alternatives to fishmeal and improving water quality.

  • 1.5mm, 2.2mm and 2.7mm HI FLY-F Extruded pellet
  • Balanced protein and lipid content for excellent growth and survival
  • Bio-secure artificial diet.

Protein 50%, Lipid 12%, Moisture 8%, Vitamin 13%, Ash 15%, Calcium 2%, Fibre 2.5%



Cargill´s feed products optimize nutrient delivery to maximize cost reduction benefits and minimize waste. Economical range suitable from most applications.

  • 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm SMART-F Extruded pellet
  • Soft granules for excellent digestibility
  • High Omega- 3 HUFA
  • Balanced Fatty Acid profile

Protein 40%, Lipid 8 %, Moisture 8%, Vitamin 8%, Ash 13%, Calcium 2%, Fibre 2.5 %

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