Bringing the worlds best nutrition to Australia & New Zealand aquaculture.

Big Nutrition is one of the largest distributors of high quality diets to some of the biggest and most successful aquaculture ventures in the Pacific.

Big Nutrition brings the expertise of EWOS to bring our customers some of the finest quality aquaculture diets in the world today. We have taken monumental steps to deliver sustainable, world class diets, replacing wild caught fishmeal by up to 50% and and supporting Aussie farmers by using Australian wheat in some of our EWOS products.

Big News

Fishmeal Replacements

Fishmeal is an excellent source of protein and other essential nutrients to aquaculture species but

Shipping Delays

Peak period for import / export runs between September through to the end of December, before return

Contact Info

We have moved and can no longer offer a pick up service but continue to offer door to door delivery.

Phone: 07 3890 0360
International: +61 7 3890 0360
Toll Free: 1800 005 434